Flora and Fauna Haul |Vegan & Cruelty Free

Hello beauties and welcome to another blog post!

I love hauls and I love Flora and Fauna so it only seems fitting to have another Flora and Fauna haul post!


Vego Hazelnut Chocolate Spread $8.95

Heavenly Hazel Choc Hazelnut Spread $13.50


Heavenly Hazel Choc Hazelnut Spread

This is my 3rd purchase of the Heavenly Hazel choc hazelnut spread and I feel like it’s a staple now. It’s basically a vegan nutella but better! You can use it as a spread, in smoothies, desserts or eat it with a spoon (which is what I usually do). If you have self control this size will last you.

Vego Spread

I’ve heard so many good things about the Vego spread so I finally picked one up to try out. It’s crunchy and has a smooth texture to it with hazelnut chunks added. It tastes different to the Heavenly Hazel spread but still as good! I feel like the vego one would be great as a spread or just as a treat on it’s own. It comes in a cute glass that can be reused for drinks afterwards.

Dr Bronner’s Liquid Soap – Sandalwood & Jasmine (946ml) $34.95


Dr Bronner’s is a staple in my cleaning supplies and I usually always go for the Lavender but I thought I would try out the sandalwood and jasmine one. The smells is gorgeous and it has the same amazing base that all the Dr Bronner’s soaps have. I like using them to clean my tiles, floorboards, bathroom and makeup brushes just to name a few.

Buddy Scrub Face Masks $9.95 each


I love face masks and do them a few times a week so I’m always on the lookout for new ones to try and I stumbled upon these. They are face masks that you mix with water which I really like because you can mix it to a texture that suits you.

So far I’ve used the Charcoal one about 5 times and I really like it for detoxing my skin when it’s being extra congested. It is a little drying so it would suit oily skin types great!

I tried the Matcha one out last night and I really enjoyed it. It detoxes the skin like the Charcoal ones does but the Matcha powder helps to calm the skin and any redness. I opted to use this one last night as I have a few really painful breakouts.

I haven’t tried the pink clay one yet but this one is made from Australian Pink Clay with is suppose to help draw out impurities from pores, encourage cell renewal and leave skin feeling soft and clean. It also helps sensitive and dry skin and will balance the complexion.

Eco. Rollerballs 10ml 5 Pack $10.00

Eco. Sweet Almond Carrier Oil (95ml) $10.00

Eco. Bottle & Mist Spray Pump 95ml 5 Pack $12.00


I picked up the Eco pump bottles, carrier oil and roller balls because I’ve been wanting to create my own room sprays and roller balls. They were super affordable and so far I’ve made one room spray and two roller ball blends and it was super easy. If you check out Eco’s website they have info on what essential oils go with best.

Eco Max Nail Brush Medium $13.50


I’ve been a nail bitter for years and I’ve been growing my nails out for a few months and I forgot how gross your nails get so this was a necessity. This nail brush is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It’s handmade from rubberwood and tampico which is a form of Mexican cactus!

ecostore Laundry Powder Lemon (1kg) $10.95

ecostore Fabric Softener – Citrus (500ml) $8.95


These were a restock! I’ve really been enjoying the Ecostore brands cleaning supplies. They are affordable and environmentally friendly. Both of these together smell so good and leave my washing feeling soft and clean.

ecostore Laundry Liquid Extra Clean (850ml) $10.95


This one is a new purchase and I saw it when I was adding my usual’s to my cart. I picked up the extra clean to try out on clothes that have stains and for washing things like pillows and quilts. I used this on my bedding and my pillows came out so white and fresh. I find that my pillows look gross from buildup of my skincare products and hair care stuff. I definitely recommend trying this out if you have any washing that’s hard to clean.

The Physic Garden Skin Rescue (50g) $19.95


I received a sample of this in a beauty box and fell in love. I’ve been meaning to repurchase this for awhile but it was always sold out. It was finally back in stock when I was making my order so I grabbed the large size. The Skin Rescue is a natural moisturising balm and I mainly use it on my elbows, knees and feet as those areas are always super dry. No matter how much I would exfoliate and moisturise nothing would fix my poor elbows and feet but this balm leaves them baby soft and moisturized. If you have dry areas that need extra attention you need to try this balm!

ecostore Glass Cleaner (500ml) $8.95

ecostore Bathroom & Shower Cleaner (500ml) $8.95


These were another restock for my cleaning supplies. Again ecostore’s cleaning products are affordable and effective. They clean my bathroom and mirrors with ease and I find they last ages too. All of the bottles are made with Recyclable Sugar Cane Plastic.

HannahPad Goodnight Set $135.50


Now I didn’t buy these HannahPads from Flora and Fauna but you can buy them from there and that’s usually where I have picked up my HannahPads from. I just wanted to include these in this post as I wanted to feature them but I didn’t want to make a post by themselves.

Hannahpads were having an awesome sale for International Women’s Day so I took advantage of that and picked up the Night pack. This pack comes with 3 of the Ultra overnight pads and 2 of the Super Ultra overnight pads. These pads have a higher absorbency level and longer length, you can be rest assured that you’ll be fully covered and not have to worry about overnight leakages again.

I really enjoy hannahpads because they are reusable and last YEARS. Using these means I am also reducing my wastage of one use pads and helping the environment. I have also found when I use these on my period I have less intense cramps compared to when I wear regular pads from the supermarket. I think this has to do with the fact that there isn’t any nasty chemicals in the Hannahpads. I definitely recommend checking out https://hannahpad.com.au/ or even looking into menstrual cups for your periods!

Thanks for reading!

Let me know if you have tried any of these before?!?! 🙂

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