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Hello and welcome to a very overdue blogpost! I recently got a new job and I’ve been working 5-7 days a week so I’m trying to get use to a routine again and find that work life and personal life balance, which is hard but I have today off so I’m trying to work on a few blog posts to get out!

Recently I went through and culled my makeup collection massively. I felt like I had too much for the fact that I don’t wear too much makeup now, only when I feel like it. And it feels like a waste to have all these products that I wasn’t going to use up before their expiry. I ended up sorting through what I wanted to keep, what I wanted to sell and what I wanted to give to family/friends.

I asked on instagram if you wanted to see an updated makeup collection and it was 90% yes so here is my current makeup collection after I culled everything.




  • The False Lashes Mascara by Essence
  • Witch Lash by Medusa’s Makeup
  • Better Than Sex by Too Faced
  • Stellar Gaze by Pacifica
  • Natural Mascara by Hanami
  • Bio Lash Lift Mascara by Eye Of Horus
  • Get Big Lashes by Essence

Eyelash Glue


  • Duo Clear Eyelash Glue
  • Duo Dark-tone Eyelash Glue
  • Duo White/Clear Eyelash Glue



  • Penelope Glitter by Sugarpill Cosmetics
  • Game Face by Colourpop Super Shock Shadow
  • Castle on the Hill by Sugarpill
  • Heart Shaped Cookie by Sugarpill



  • 2x Clear Brow & Lash Gel by Essence
  • Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil by Eye of Horus
  • Medium Brown Eyebrow Pencil by Eye of Horus
  • Brown Eyebrow Pencil by Colourpop
  • Black Eyebrow Pencil by Colourpop
  • Brown Eyebrow Pencil by Ere Perez
  • Semi Permanent Waterproof Eyebrow Gel Khaki by Ofra
  • Brow Dust by Lust Minerals


33300007_1519376271506475_2802566649989824512_n (1)

  • Black Liquid Define Eyeliner by Eye of Hours
  • Hemingway Ink Liner by Kat Von D
  • Trooper Black Ink Liner by Kat Von D
  • 2x Black Long Lasting Eyeliner by Essence
  • Black Eyeliner Pencil by Colourpop

Eyeshadow Primers


  • Stick It! Eyeshadow Primer by Medusa’s Makeup
  • Electric Eyeshadow Primer by Concrete Minerals
  • The Fix Glitter Adhesive by Medusa’s Makeup
  • Shadow Eyelid Primer by ELF



  • 2x Mineral Foundation by Inika
  • BB Cream Foundation by Inika
  • Lock It Foundation by Kat Von D
  • Lock It Hydrating Primer by Kat Von D
  • 2x Pure Primer by Inika

Concealers/Setting Sprays


  • 3x Lock It Concealers by Kat Von D Beauty
  • The Makeup Finishing Spray by Skindinavia
  • Quick Fix Spray by Urban Decay



  • Pressed Powder Foundation by Kat Von D Beauty
  • Lock It Setting Powder by Kat Von D Beauty

Single Highlighters/Blushes



  • Ice Cold and Peach Goddess Skin Frost Highlighters by Jeffree Star Cosmetics
  • Baked Mineral Illuminisor by Inika
  • Bronzer by Eco Minerals
  • Mineral Blusher Puff Pot by Inika
  • Loose Highlighter by Star Crushed Minerals
  • Loose Mineral Blush by Inika
  • Mineral Cream Blush by Hanami Cosmetics
  • Coconut Highlight Balm by Dirty Hippie Cosmetics




  • Mini Metal Mattes Eyeshadow Palette by Kat Von D Beauty
  • The First Carli Bybel X BH Cosmetics Eyeshadow Palette
  • Contour Book by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs
  • The Saint & Sinner palette by Kat Von D Beauty

Lipstick and Lip Liners



  • Everlasting lip liners by Kat Von D Beauty
  • Everlasting liquid lipsticks by Kat Von D Beauty
  • Studded Kiss Lipsticks by Kat Von D Beauty
  • Liquid Lipsticks by Sugarpill Cosmetics
  • Mini Liquid Lipsticks by Jeffree Star Cosmetics
  • Liquid Lipstick by Claytime Australia
  • Lip liners by Essence

I’m pretty happy with what my collection contains now but I would like less liquid lipsticks but I love all the colours I have now so I will just try and use them before purchasing anymore. The same goes for everything else, I am really trying to make a conscious effort to use what I currently have before buying new items.

Thank you for reading my updated makeup collection blog post and let me know if you hoard makeup or have the bare essentials.

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8 thoughts on “Updated Makeup Collection |Vegan & Cruelty Free

  1. I hoard make up. I explain it as an artist needing the perfect color paint for a vision. I just love testing make up out and finding what I want. 😛


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