Moving in a different direction

Hi to whoever is reading this! Sorry it’s been awhile since I have posted here. I’ve been going through bit of a rough patch and i haven’t felt inspired to make any content.

I’ve decided I want to go in a direction that makes me happy and motivated and that’s focusing more on veganism, minimalism, lifestyle and mental health. I’ve gotten to a stage where I just look at my makeup table and cringe at how much I actually own. I barely wear makeup anymore and I finally feel confident enough where I don’t need to wear makeup whenever I leave the house. I still have acne and scarring but I’m a lot more comfortable with it now then I have ever been before.

I have way too much makeup. I mean like over 20 Eyeshadow palettes and 100 lipsticks. And that’s just too much now. I don’t know if it’s getting older and realising materialistic objects aren’t everything, but I know longer feel the need to hoard an insane amount of items when I become obsessed with something. Because I don’t end up using everything and it goes to waste.

I really want to get back into creating content I enjoy and posting regularly here on my blog as I appreciate everyone reading my poorly written content and I love educating others on veganism in the beauty world. I really also want to start posting about my mental health issues and mental health in general as I think it’s not acknowledged enough.

I’m currently sorting through all my makeup and beauty products and culling my collection like crazy. I’m selling a lot of my makeup collection that isn’t used which you can view on my depop account. Username is @savevangeline

Once I’ve sorted and organised everything which I’m hoping is in the next few days I’m going to sit down and start making content I’m inspired to make so I hope you join me on this new journey!

Thank you for reading this mess of a blog post.


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