Empties | 2

Hello everyone!

It’s been about 2 months since I did my first empties blog post and the box I keep my empties in has been over flowing so I thought it was time to write this post!

There are a few doubles in this post which shows you how long I’ve been meaning to post this haha.


Hot Tresses Shampoo & Conditioner $29.95 each


Hot tresses is my go to brand of shampoo and conditioner. I’ve been using this brand for about a year or so and I did a in-depth blog post last year on this shampoo and conditioner which you can read here.


Derma E Hydrating Night Cream $30.51


I was so sad when I finished this pot. It was the first night cream I’ve ever tried and definitely the best! It has hyaluronic acid which is great for super dry skin and has vitamins A and E which leave the skin super soft! It’s a little pricey but the pot will last you forever!


Arctic Fox Transylvania Hair Dye $18.95


I bought this hair dye to try when I had dyed black hair and needed to touch up my roots. I bought this because it was vegan, had no peroxide and no ammonia and also 15% of profits from each bottle go to help save animals. The dye smells amazing. The actual dye I didn’t have great results with. It didn’t cover my roots and didn’t really refresh my colour and that may be because when I used it my hair wasn’t bleached or lifted. I may try this brand of dye in the future if I have lifted my hair and see if it works again.


Oh Deer Sugar (Oh) Zesty Mojito Face Mask $19.50


This face mask is suppose to be super hydrating for dry skin but I find the mask to be drying on the skin and my skin did not feel hydrated after using. I finished using the mask but will not repurchase again.


Isocol Rubbing Alcohol Antiseptic $9.99


I go through a bottle of this every month. I use this to sanitise my makeup brushes, desk etc. It’s great to clean your beauty products with a anti-bacterial lotion to make sure no germs are spreading or lasting on your products or tools.


Goddess Candles Dragons Blood 6 Pack Clamshell Melts $6.00


Goddess Candles is my go to website to buy vegan candles, melts and skincare items. They also sell crystals, warmers and more. The candles and melts are highly scented and smells amazing. I love some of the Lush dupe scents and the regular line scents. The dragon’s blood melts were beautiful and lasted ages in my tealight burner.

Goddess 6 Pack Clamshell Melts

Lush Rosy Cheeks Fresh Face Mask $13.95


This is one of my favourite face masks and I always make sure to have one on hand. It has calamine and turkish rose oil which calm the skin and restore balance. After using the mask it leaves your skin with a nice matte finish which is great before makeup. The mask also smells AMAZING!


Hair & Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment $16.00


This hair oil claims to repair, moisturise and strengthen your hair & scalp, encourage hair growth, cut your blow drying time and control frizziness. You get about 2-4 uses out of this and I find that wasn’t enough time to see if my hair grew more etc but it did make my hair feel nice and soft and less frizzy. I would definitely try it again or any new products they have.

Hair Rejuvenation Treatment

Lush Bûche De Noël Fresh Cleanser $17.50


This is a fresh cleanser that comes out each year for Christmas and is limited edition! It’s a gorgeous cleanser packed with cranberries, satsumas, brandy, sweet almonds and fair trade organic cocoa butter. It gently buffs and brighten’s your face leaving it with a nice glow and your skin will feel hydrated! I repurchase this cleanser every year.


Derma E Hydrating Mist $13.96


This mist can be used to cool and rehydrate the skin anywhere on the face and body. I would use on top of night cream before bed and during the day if my skin felt a bit dry. I also like adding this over my makeup to set my face as it adds moisture and a nice glow to the skin. I will definitely be repurchasing this spray.


Lush Herbalism Fresh Cleanser $17.50


This cleanser is great for gently exfoliating the skin, removing grease and helps calm troubled skin. It doesn’t smell the best or look the nicest but it does a great job and a little bit goes a long way.


Davroe Daily Naturals Silk Argan Oil Treatment $24.95


There is two of these in my empties this month because this is currently my favourite leave in hair treatment. I apply it to my hair after I have washed it or when it is dry and apply to the ends of my hair. It leaves my hair nice and soft and keeps my naturally curly hair tight and bouncy. The only think I hate about this product is that I go through it so quickly and it only comes in one size 😦


Dream Cream Hand and Body Lotion $29.95


I received this pot in a gift set a few years ago and finally finished it this year (#lushhoarderproblems) It’s a hand and body lotion that is designed to go on even the most sensitive and easily upset skin types. It has soothing ingredients like oat milk, chamomile blue oil and rose water which calms down hot and itchy skin. It helps with skin conditions like Eczema. I will definitely repurchase this cream as I get sensitive and sore skin.


Sukin Detoxifying Clay Masque Super Greens $16.99


This mask is a clay based mask with kale, spirulina and parsley to promote a healthy, clean and glowing complexion which can be used on all skin types. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling too dry or tight when the masks is on the skin and when it’s washed off my face felt nice and clean.


Lush Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner $32.95


I received this pot in a gift set I bought last christmas and I finally used it a few weeks ago and I wish I had used it sooner. A body conditioner is what you use in the shower or bath and leave on the skin for a few minutes and then rinse off. It will leave your skin feeling super soft and moisturised. Lush have a few different body conditioners and I definitely recommend that you try one of them out. Your life will be changed!


Thank you for reading my second empties post and let me know if you enjoyed it and would like to see more empties posts or if you have tried any of this products?

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