Flora & Fauna Seasonal Box: Spring Edition


Flora & Fauna have a seasonal vegan box that they send out 4 times a year. I first purchased the Winter Box back in July and I loved it so much so I bought the Spring edition. It costs $34.95 and each box is packed with natural, vegan and organic beauty, skincare and body products. On their website it gives you the option to purchase it as a one off box for $34.95 or the 4 boxes for $139.99. It comes out 4 times a year:

Summer – early December

Autumn – early March

Winter – early June

Spring – early Sept


Here is an overview of the Spring Box!


Eye Of Horus Bio Vegan Mascara $38


I was so excited to see this was in the Spring box as I’ve been meaning to buy this mascara for awhile but haven’t cause it is more on the expensive side. I think it’s crazy that this whole box is only $34.95 and one of the products you get is $38!


This mascara claims to add length, volume and nourishment to lashes naturally promoting growth. I can’t wait to try it out and see how it works.

Hanami Cream Blush in Casablanca $29.95 


I’ve tried Hanami’s nail polishes, mascara and lip balm and I’ve loved every product I’ve tried so I was really excited to see a Hanami product in the Spring Box.

This cream blush is a gorgeous rose pink with brown/tan undertones and is suitable for all skin tones.  It’s a super creamy texture which is easy to blend and gives a nice glow to the skin.

Green + Kind Toothbrush $5.95


I switched to using bamboo toothbrushes at the start of this year and I was excited that this box came with one! I’ve been wanting to try the brushes from Green + Kind as they donate 50c from each on sold and donate the value to Sea Shepard. This is a bamboo biodegradable tooth brush with charcoal enhanced bristles which has detoxing and antibacterial properties to help keep your teeth and gums clean.

Black Chicken Remedies Epiphany Perfume Sample full size is $44.95


This is Black Chicken Remedies second perfume that has just been released and I’m happy it came with a sample to try as I probably wouldn’t bought it myself as it is a expensive perfume. The perfume is described as warm, spicy and refreshing. I’ve tried the sample and it’s definitely  a strong woody scent with notes of spice coming through.

What I like about this perfume is that it’s 100% natural pure plant extracts with no alcohol or toxic chemicals.

Botani Olive Skin Serum Sample full size is $31.95


I’ve never really tried any olive skincare products but I’ve read great things.

Botani’s Olive Skin Serum contains 100% phyto-active Olive Squalene which resembles the built-in moisturiser each of us has in our skin. This serum is suppose to help with hydration of the skin and reduce wrinkle depth, brighten skin and improve long term hydration and help reduce scars.

Grants Toothpaste Mild Mint $4.20


I love Grants Mild Mint toothpaste, it’s what I currently use and it’s the perfect amount of minty freshness. Grants is Australian made have different flavours like fresh mint, cinnamon and mint with xylitol.

James St Organics Gel Cleanser Sample – from $14


This Gel Cleanser leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and well balanced and gently removes makeup, dirt and cleans the pores. This cleanser contains green tea extract, aloe vera and a blend of essential oils.

Eco Aroma Calm & Distress Blend $16


I’ve tried a few of Eco’s products before and have loved them. This one has a blend of orange, sandalwood and patchouli. I haven’t used this in my diffuser yet but I’ve had a few sniffs and it’s a really calming fragrance.

I cant wait to try all these products and I will definitely be getting the next seasonal box which will be coming out in December! These boxes sell out fast so make sure to get in fast.

Check out my instagram @VeganBeautyJunkie to see how I like these products!

Thanks for reading.



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