I feel like you can never have enough makeup brushes, right?!

I’m in the process of replacing some old brushes I’ve had for well over 2 years and I was scrolling through instagram and saw that Glam Raider posted a picture of these gorgeous black handle, red-tipped brushes with rose gold accents and new I had to have them. This brush set is the Royale Unicorn Brush Set by Unicorn Lashes.

What drew me to these brushes even more was the attention to detail on everything, the brush holder bag it comes with, the zipper on the bag and the detail on the brushes.


The brush holder bag is a black velvet diamond with a rose gold embroidered unicorn and a rose gold unicorn zipper.


In this brush set you receive 10 essential makeup brushes. Each brush features black twisted handles with red-tipped cruelty free bristles. The bristles are made from synthetic taklon and are vegan friendly.


The brush set consists of 10 brushes:

King Size –  Large Fluffy Fan Brush
Reigning Queen – Dome shaped Foundation Brush
Define Divine – Definition Face Brush, great for detailed facial contouring with powder, cream or liquid
Off With Her Head – Face Powder Brush
Goodness Gracious Glow – Tiny Detail Brush
Royale to the Game – Blending Eye Brush
Rest in Crease – Tear Shape Eye Brush designed for crease-work
H.R Sovereign – Bullet shaped small hard eye brush for smudging and adding depth
Self Supreme –  Dual-purpose Eye Brush
Imperial Blood – Fine Liner Brush


The brushes are $89 on the Glam Raider website and they have free express shipping for orders over $70.

I have used all the brushes 3-4 times to do a full face of makeup and I’m super impressed with the quality. Not only are these brushes soft, they barely shed as well. Since using them I have only had 2 bristles shed from the brushes. The handle design is really comfy to hold your hand when applying eye makeup. I had no trouble at all getting eyeshadows to blend with the eye brushes.


I have used two methods to clean these brushes which are:

  • Quick method – using rubbing alcohol and a cotton pad
  • Dr Bronner’s Liquid soap and warm water

And there has been no run of colour from the red-tipped bristles and they have dried nicely and in shape.

The brush set also comes with an information card which gives detailed info on the brushes and what each brush can be used for, as well as care instructions. Like most makeup brushes, they say to not soak the brushes in water as it can loosen the glue and therefore the bristles can become loose.

Overall, I’m super impressed with this brush set. For $89 you get a black velvet makeup brush holder that you can store more than 10 brushes in. And you receive 10 high quality makeup brushes. You can definitely buy cheap makeup brushes but if you want a different and unique design, I recommend this brush set 10/10.

You can buy this brush set here:

Thank you for reading and let me know what you think of this brushes?!

Make sure to check out my instagram @VeganBeautyJunkie



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