Winter Essentials | Vegan & Cruelty-Free



As winter is drawing to an end here in Australia, I thought I would share my favourite products that have helped me through these colder months. I have dry skin normally but through winter my skin gets 10x worse so here are some products that helped me cope through this winter. In this post there are options to suit different price ranges as well as some remedies for colds! All of the products mentioned are cruelty free and vegan 🙂

Australian Pure Beauty Sensitive Skin Be Soothed Sorbolene $6.00


This sorbolene is enriched with native Australian Kakadu plum extract and vitamin E which leaves the skin feeling hydrated and soft. It is also super affordable! I love using this on my arms and legs are shaving to lock in moisture.

Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub $9.95


I’ve been using lip scrubs from Lush for several years and I always go back to them cause their cheap, do the job and last ages. My lips get super dry in winter and I find using a lip scrub as well as lip balms, helps them to stay moisturised. The come in a few different flavours as well.

Kora Organics Daily Hand Cream $39.95


The Kora hand cream is my favourite high end hand cream because it smells amazing, moisturise’s the hands and doesn’t leave them feeling oily.

Derma E Hydrating Mist with Hyaluronic Acid $13.75


This mist can be used to refresh the face as well as before and after makeup application to set your face. It’s really refreshing on the skin and dries super quickly. I love using it before bed and once I’ve applied my night cream, I spritz it all over my face and it just adds extra moisture. I also use it before I start my makeup and after I finish my makeup to add a dewy finish.

The Physic Garden Calm Balm $11.95


The Calm Balm by The Physic Garden is one of my holy grail products! You can use this product heaps of different ways like applying to dry skin, as a massage oil, rub into pressure points, as a lip balm and more. My favourite way to use this product is as a lip balm as it’s super thick and leaves a nice gloss look to the lips.

Calm Balm by The Physic Garden 50g

The Physic Garden Eucalyptus Rub $11.95


I use this Eucalyptus Rub from The Physic Garden as a vegan version of the Vicks that I use to use for when I had a cold. I put this over my chest, neck and back to help me breathe a bit better when I’m congested.

Eucalyptus Rub by The Physic Garden 50g

HempMe Certified Organic Face Cream $38.00


I’ve been using this Hempme face cream during the day these past few months and it keeps my skin really moisturised during the day and it is quickly absorbed into the skin and doesn’t make my face oily.

Eco. Sinus Clear Essential Oil Rollerball $16.50


This rollerball was a life saver when I was sick. I would put some on my wrists, temples and above my top lip to offer when I was congested and couldn’t breather properly.

Seed Skincare Organic Eye Cream $22.00


This eye cream is super moisturising and provides enough moisture to the under eye area so that when you apply makeup, your under eye area doesn’t get cakey and the makeup sits nicely.

Hurraw! Moon Lip Balm $5.46


Hurraw! are definitely one of my favourite brands for lip balms but the moon balm is next level. The moon balm has blue chamomile and vanilla and is a super moisturising night treatment balm for the lips. I have loved using this during winter this year as just a normal lip balm as it’s more moisturising than normal lip balms and helps your lips so they don’t get chapped. Before bed I will use the Lush lip scrub and then add this balm on top and I have been apple to avoid chapped lips this winter which usually that never happens.

Sukin Super Greens Nourishing Chia Seed Oil + $20.95


I received this face oil in a beauty box subscription and I’m happy I did because I don’t think I would of bought it on my own. This oil contains chia seed oil, hemp seed, olive fruit and baobab oils which all promote intense skin hydration and that’s exactly what it does. A little goes a long way with this product!


Seed Skincare Hand + Nail Cream $12.95


I’m adding in another hand cream option for anyone reading as the Kora one is quite expensive.

The Seed Skincare hand cream is my favourite affordable hand cream. I prefer to use this at night before bed as it is really moisturising and can leave a slight oil residue if you touch anything.

Davroe Daily Naturals Silk Argan Oil Treatment $24.95


My natural hair type is curly and dry so I always have to use products that add extra moisture otherwise it just becomes frizzy and crispy. I’ve been obsessed with this oil treatment. It can be added to dry or damp hair and I like to use it after I’ve washed my hair and when it’s dry as well. I add most of the product to the ends of my hair and also from the roots down. It doesn’t make my roots oily at all and tame the frizziness of my hair.

Atom 100% Pure Moroccan Argan Oil $48.00


If my hair is feeling extra dry, I will add this Moroccan Argan oil to the bottom half of my hair after I have washed it or when the hair is dry. As this is a heavier oil than the oil treatment above this one, I don’t apply it to all my hair as the roots get really oily with it.

So these have been my winter essentials for this year! I hope this can help someone and thank you for reading.

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