Face Halo Review

I’m a big lover of Chloe Morello and when I saw that she was promoting a reusable makeup remove product, I had to get my hands on it. I watched her video on Face Halo and how to use them and fell in love. I have been trying to cut down on my non environmentally friendly waste lately and noticed I was still using the disposable cotton rounds and makeup wipes to remove my makeup.

You can watch Chloe’s video here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQWrXtC3JkM

What is Face Halo?

image1 (1)

Face Halo is a microfibre pad that removes makeup just with water. Face Halo works with either cold or warm water. The water loosens your makeup and allows the HaloTech fiber strands to give a deep clean to your pores and gives your skin a healthy clean in a short amount of time. When using the Face Halo you do not need to scrub or rub, you just gentle wipe off the makeup.



Here is a close up of what one of the Face Halo’s looks like. They’re a super soft material that is fluffy.


I tested it out the other day was pleasantly surprised at the results. I had a full face of makeup on which included full coverage foundation, powder and setting spray. Usually with a makeup wipe, foundation is still left on the surface of my skin and I have to go in again to try and remove it all. With the Face Halo, it removed all traces of makeup, even on the eye area. It was a little hard to get into the eye area with the pad but I found folding it in half made it fit a lot easier. I only had to gentle rub the pad over my face to remove my makeup which was great cause usually with a makeup wipe or cotton pad I have to press and drag it across my skin to get the makeup off.


This is what the Face Halo pad looked like after I had removed half a face of makeup.


With cleaning, they recommend putting the Face Halo in the wash with white/light colours and that it will last up to 200 washes. You are also not meant to put it in the dryer as it can ruin the shape and to air dry them.

Face Halo also recommends hand washing with soap and warm water for stubborn stains.

I chose to hand wash mine with Dr Bronner’s Lavender soap as I use this to clean my makeup brushes and sponges and it worked really well. I wet the pad in warm water and then put some soap onto both sides and massaged it in with my hands and then rinsed and all the makeup came out easily and then I just air dryed.


Here is what the pad looked like after washing. If you do pop it in the washing machine, they tell you to not use fabric softener as it can leave a coating on the fiber’s and ruins the effectiveness of the Face Halo.


The Face Halo is $22USD ($27 AUD) and you get 3 Face Halo pads in a pack. They offer free shipping in the US and $5USD ($6.30) shipping for Australia. I ordered mine on 10/08 and received them on 16/08. You can purchase them here https://facehalo.com/.

I would 100% recommend the Face Halo as it removes makeup super easily, it’s easy to clean and it’s 100% better for the environment compared to makeup wipes and cotton rounds.

Thank you for reading.


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