November Collective Lush Kitchen Haul: Vegan & Cruelty Free

I thought I would share my Lush Kitchen Hauls and give mini reviews on the items as well because items can come up into the kitchen again and I would love to share my opinion with you on them.


Aura Suavis Shower Gel


Almond Buttercream



My Fifth Lush Kitchen order:

  • Karma Shower Gel – A super cleansing scent that lathers well
  • Aura Suavis Shower Gel –
  • Almond Buttercream – Smells good enough to eat and makes your skin incredibly smooth


This was my fourth order and my favourite:

  • Hot Toddy Shower Gel – this is definitely in my top 5 scents. Hot Toddy is the perfect cinnamon Christmas scent.




My Second Lush Kitchen order:

  • Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder – it shares it scent the Vanillary Perfume
  • Powdered Sunshine Dusting Powder – this wasn’t a Christmas item but it’s only available on the UK site so I picked it up. It’s a powdered sunscreen with SPF15



My first Lush Kitchen order was:

  • B Electro shower gel – Quiet a rosy and zesty
  • Sonic Death Monkey shower gel – Definitely for the Coffee lovers
  • Guardians of the Forest bath bomb
  • Smuggler’s Soul Facial Scrub – The most amazing facial scrub as it has small pieces of bamboo in it

I ended up selling these 3 as I was not a fan of the smells.

My third Lush Kitchen order was:

  • American Pie shower jelly – I have always loved the smell of American Cream conditioner but could never use it as it’s not vegan, American Pie has the exact same scent as American Cream!
  • Yog Nog bath bombs – A creamy, chocolatey/vanillary bath bomb perfect for Christmas


If you follow me on instagram you know that I love Lush and I completely stand for their ethics and I couldn’t recommend them more!

Make sure to check out my instagram: @VeganBeautyJunkie




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