The Autumn Vegan Beauty Box

So this is my second vegan beauty box I have received from The Vegan Box.  I didn’t think I could like another box as much as the February Beauty Box but this months is amazing !!!


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My Jeffree Star Cosmetics Collection: April 2016


So I thought I would make a post about the Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks and Lip Scrubs. Keep reading to see shades, photos and swatches.


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Dani Beauty Store Lashes

So Dani Mansutti recently released her own eyelashes ! You can check them out here!

They  looked amazing so I picked myself up some to try out. Shipping was about a week but Dani did apologise  on instagram for the delay as she was hand packing them herself.



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Vegan Makeup Available At The Priceline 40% Off Sale


Hey everyone

So next week Priceline are having their famous 40% off Cosmetics for two days (6/04/16- 7/04/16).

So I thought I would compile a list of vegan makeup products that you can buy in the sale.

I’ve spent a few days compiling this and some companies websites were easy to find a vegan list, others had no mention anywhere and nothing came up on google. I emailed a few brands but have not heard back from them (will update if I do hear back from them)

Please continue reading to find out what brands have vegan products 🙂

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